Agricultural Program

Our intent is to recycle the structure of a set of sheds as a cultivation centre to promote the creation of a Sustainable Agro-productive Centre for the indigenous community of Kamarata.

In 2016 the Alstom Foundation through another NGO approved financing to implement the first phase of the productive project through two phases, one of training and the other of physical intervention to the sheds, led by the indigenous community of Kamarata and the University of Zulia.

During the year 2017, the training and construction phase of the first demonstration plot began, thus beginning the cultivation of vegetables; subsequently, the community leaders of this project organized the construction of allotments for growing vegetables with the parents and children who attend the National Basic School Padre Eulogio de Villarrín. However, the project hit some difficulties and was halted. Our Foundation wishes to explore the possibilities of revisiting this, as the community definitely suffers from lack of fresh nutritional products. Many Pemón have to travel many kilometers to their small farms in order to grow food for their families and often that food source is limited in its variety.