A health program for the region which relies heavily on technology and medical volunteers. This program is managed by Fundación Proyecto Maniapure and has some overlap with technology and communication with both Foundation’s activities.

Fundación Proyecto Maniapure

Fundación Proyecto Maniapure was introduced to the community of Kamarata through Angel Conservation Corporation and vice versa (another amazing story) and thus began the Telemedicine Project in Kamarata in January of 2006. Using the existing and new technology we intend to work with the Pemón and partner with Fundación Proyecto Maniapure to extend a communications model throughout the valley of Kamarata, reaching out to three different communities, a few of which are involved with tourism.


Through the Telemedicine Project’s success in providing internet capabilities to the Kamarata’s “Ambulatorio” we will connect the Cultural Centre to the internet and train the Pemón in the basic use of computer technology creating a bridge to the outside world. There are many benefits to this (including cultural ones) which will be listed separately.


With the technical capabilities that we are installing in the Cultural Centre we will build an “infocentre” with state of the art connectivity to satellite signal and of course laptops, projector / screen, large screen TV, DVD burners / players, printer etc.