Who we are

Angel Conservation Corporation is registered as a a 501(c)(3) in New York City as a Not for Profit. All donations received are tax free.

Fundación Etnika is the sister organization of Angel Conservation with identical principles – based in Caracas, Venezuela – operating in full accordance under Venezuelan law as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Our Team

Paul in front of Angel Falls, Canaima National Park
Paul Graham Stanley

Paul Graham Stanley – is the President and founder of both Angel Conservation Corp. and Fundación Etnika. He also serves on the boards of Biokryptos and the Jimmie Angel Historical Project

When he lived in New York he worked within the printing and publishing industry and there he also served on the board of the Literacy Assistance Center and founded a campaign with the Book Guild of New York to raise funds for literacy – it was simply called “Promote Literacy”. 

He has an ecotourism business in Venezuela (Angel-Eco Tours) and has been a pioneer in this sector since before the year 2000, he attended the world launch of Ecotourism Quebec, Canada in 2002 by the United Nations – furthermore he was the original founder of Expoecoturismo and EcoAlianza in Venezuela. 

Marianela in Kavak teaching a Pemón young girl
Marianela Camacho Fuenmayor

Marianela Camacho Fuenmayor – is a Director of Angel Conservation Corp. and Fundación Etnika and has been involved since 2011. A passionate architect with an academic career at Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela, dedicating her work to the Pemón culture − documenting, sustaining and regenerating its historical and environmental legacy for future generations.

Since 2018, she has been the Communications Manager of GEN the Global Ecotourism Network.

The rest of Angel Conservation's team

Board of Directors

Antonio Volpe Pasini (VP)

Karen Angel (Jimmie Angel Historical Project)

Danilo Arsenijevith (Secretary)

Isabel Barton Carlota (Filmmaker)

Jan Hanvik (Arts)

Anthony Ippolito (Professor / Ecotourism)

Jeremy Garrett (Ecotourism Specialist)

Advisory Board

Liz Carosella (Grant Writer)

Gary Murtagh (ElderTreks)

Carl Stanley (Technology)

Chris Mackay (Ecotourism / NGO Specialist)

Hortensia Berti (Pemón Advisor)

Abrahan Sandoval (Pemón Advisor)