Project Kamarakoto (Summary)

We are currently working on an extensive program which we have always called Proyecto Kamarakoto (Program Kamarakoto) working alongside the Pemón in Canaima National Park, Venezuela and are presently in the process of documenting their culture through various means such as a documentary film, attaining other important documents and archives (i.e historical photographs), anthropology books and other texts related to the Pemón. Our projects include but are not limited to, researching, and building and operating a cultural centre based in Kamarata, one of the Pemón communities, which is progressing well. Our activities also serve an educational purpose. Creating a documentary film, libraries, and cultural centres not only educates the public about their native culture and endangered flora and fauna but also enables indigenous cultures to thrive.

On an interesting note, Fundación Proyecto Maniapure was introduced to the community of Kamarata through Angel Conservation Corp and vice versa and thus began the Telemedicine Project in Kamarata in January of 2006.

Using the existing and new technology we are working with the Pemón and partnering with Fundación Proyecto Maniapure to extend a communications model throughout the valley of Kamarata, reaching out to different communities, two of which are involved with tourism. A sustainable development plan for ecotourism (responsible tourism) would also benefit the conservation of the Pemón culture. 

We plan to work within the structure and confines of the Telemedicine Project to include these locations for the benefit of medical, cultural and tourism sustainability. A natural bi-product too would be the creation of much needed employment for the local Pemón.

Finally, we are working towards the implementation of an Agricultural Centre to help provide much needed nutrition to the diets of the locals.





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